7 Best Tablets for Gaming — Everything You Should Know

RT7 5g for gaming

Nowadays, gaming tablets have emerged as powerful devices that cater to the needs of gamers while ensuring better portability and ease of use. While these devices are equipped with features of gaming consoles, they also offer ease of playing so that you can begin your gaming career as you’ve always dreamed of, whether you want the best tablet for Roblox or wish to build your own empire in Minecraft.

Being a gamer isn’t easy! You’ve got to update your device regularly to keep playing new games and ensuring optimal performance. While a massive number of youngsters are interested in gaming and wish to take on this opportunity as a career, a good starting point can be tablet gaming before beginning a professional journey to compete in the top E-gaming challenges in the world. For this, you need to have the best gaming tablet to develop your skills, which we have collected in this resource to help you make beneficial purchase decisions.

But before you understand how to evaluate the best gaming tablets available online, let’s first understand how we chose the devices on our list to ensure a transparent and unbiased selection process so that your purchase decision proves to be beneficial according to your gaming needs.

How We Chose the Best Tablet for Gaming?

Before we chose the best tablet for gaming, we considered various factors that could impact your gaming experience, such as processor, battery life, performance, and working of the operating system to ensure that whichever tablet you choose not only runs your favorite games smoothly — but also helps you develop your gaming skills.

Additionally, customer reviews hold a significant importance in the preparation of our list of the best gaming tablets. Whether you’re a casual gamer or someone who loves to play mobile games, our list consists of options that can cater to the individual needs of any type of gamer appropriately. Gaming goes hand in hand with device performance and software compatibility, so the top aspects that concluded our research of the best devices available in the market.

Moreover, our evaluation process was not just about considering various aspects; we also analyzed customer reviews to understand user demands and how gaming tablets are revolutionizing this industry. Apart from this, we also evaluated gaming tabs based on their online reviews so that our readers can figure out which device works best for them.

Here’s our list of the best tablets for gaming that you should definitely check out as a seasoned or regular gamer:

7 Best Tablets for Gaming that You Should Check Out in 2024

1. Oukitel RT7 TITAN 5G — Overall Top Pick for the Best Tablet for Gaming


Oukitel RT7 5g processor


The RT7 TITAN 5G tablet is our top pick for a gaming tablet that excels in every aspect a gamer looks for when choosing a reliable device. This tablet is a leading device in its category for the features and performance it offers, all thanks to the Dimensity720 (MT6853) processor, which ensures amazing game performances while you enjoy the stunning visuals of your favorite game titles.

Additionally, this gaming tablet also comes with the MIL-STD-810H certification, IP68, and IP69K, which not only advocates for its solid build quality — but also ensures that you can carry it anywhere without worrying that your device could get damaged. Overall, we recommend this device to anyone who wants to enter the world of tablet gaming.

One of the standout features we noticed was the remarkable battery life. The tablet powered through several days of mixed-use, including calls, videos, and games, without a hitch. Although its weight reflects the large 32000mAh battery and protective casing, it's a trade-off for outstanding durability and longevity on a single charge.


Oukitel RT7 5g battery


The display delivered clear and vivid visuals, holding up well even when used outdoors, which speaks to its brightness and resolution. On the software side, Android 13 ran smoothly, facilitating multitasking and the use of resource-intensive apps without lag, a testament to the potent processor and ample memory.

Connectivity-wise, the dual 5G capability allowed for excellent reception and data speeds, making sure we were always just a quick video call away from colleagues or friends. Additionally, the accessory bundle including straps and a stand enhanced the portability and versatility of the tablet, something we found quite convenient during our use.

    •  Unprecedented Battery Power (32000mAh)
    •  Durability for the Demanding User
    •  Stunning Display Experience
    •  High-Performance Computing

However, the only downside is that this device is available in two color options only.

2. Amazon Fire Max 11 — Best Tablet for Gaming due to its Vivid 11-inch Display

The Amazon Fire Max 11 is our recommendation for a gaming tablet that offers an exceptional display due to its 11-inch screen, which not only offers remarkable pixel quality — but also provides a visual experience that enhances your overall gaming experience to a great extent. With its all-day battery life and a great processor, this tablet offers a gaming experience that you’ll remember for a lifetime. Thinking about hours of endless gaming? Well, the Fire Max 11 from the Amazon tablet series will be your partner whether you’re a solo gaming lover or someone who plays multiplayer games with friends to unwind from the busy life of today’s world.

Moreover, the display of the tablet is also certified for blue light so that there is no strain on your eyes even after hours of gaming. With a sleek aluminum design, this gaming tablet has strengthened glass so that you don’t have to worry about any damage. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, this device will surely impress you with its vivid display.

    •  It offers an amazing display quality
    •  Sleek aluminum design
    •  Certified for blue light
    •  Good battery life

However, some users complain that sound quality is not up to the mark, which remains the only downside of this gaming device.

3. AOCWEI Tablet 10-inch — Best Tablet for Gaming that comes with Peripheral Attachments

The AOCWEI Tablet 10-inch is our recommendation for the best gaming tablet that comes with a drop-proof case and attachments. This is a 2-in-1 where you could use it as a gaming tablet or even as a screen for the bluetooth keyboard and mouse to perform other tasks. Whether you want an all-in-one device for browsing, watching content, and gaming or just want to use your tab to play interactive games, this device can be a great option considering its competitors available online, which not only come with fewer features — but also lack in terms of performance.

Furthermore, with its 8000mAh battery capacity and exceptional operating system integration, the AOCWEI Tab ensures optimal power delivery to excite the gamer inside you. This device is equipped with 12 GB RAM and is a fully performance-packed tab to run your favorite game titles without any lags. Overall, we recommend this tab to anyone who wants to play games without using the touchscreen only.

    •  It can be used as a tablet or a screen with a mouse and keyboard.
    •  HD IPS display for amazing visuals
    •  8000mAh battery
    •  Remarkable software integration
    •  Equipped with the latest Android OS

However, some users complain that the charging speed is slow, which might disappoint some users.

4. Oukitel RT2 — Best Tablet for Gaming with an Exceptional Battery Life

The Oukitel RT2 is our recommendation for the tablet for gaming, which comes with an exceptional battery life. The best thing we love about this device is the 20,000 mAh battery so that you can enjoy your favorite games without the need to power up within short intervals. Looking for gaming in remote areas with limited charging facilities on your next trip? Now, you know which product to opt for. The Oukitel RT2 offers ultra-durability due to its MIL-STD-810H certification, which not only advocates for its ruggedness and durability — but also ensures that this device would deliver optimal performance even in extreme conditions, such as hot summers.



Moreover, this gaming tablet is equipped with performance-packed features, and due to its MediaTek MT8788 processor, you can enjoy your desired games without worrying about performance. Imagine that you’re clearing a crucial level in your favorite game and the battery of your gaming tab dies. No one would want this to happen.

Additionally, this gaming device also supports 33W fast charging so that you do not have to wait for longer periods before you can be back in action. Overall, this device is a great pick for users who prefer amazing battery life, durability, and performance that offer a premium gaming experience.

    •  Ultra-durability
    •  MIL-STD-810H certified
    •  20,000 mAh battery life
    •  33W fast charging
    •  Performance-packed features

However, this gaming tab is available in two color options only, which limits the choice for users.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ — Best Gaming Tablet for Kids

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+ is our top pick for the best gaming tablet suitable for kids. As a device from Samsung, this tablet comes with the Samsung Kids app so that your child can enjoy their favorite games while you, as a parent, have control over what they play and how much time they are spending with the device. With its 11-inch screen that comes with a 90Hz refresh rate, this device offers a remarkable gaming experience that will keep your child engaged in their free time while you’re working on something important. Now, you can track what your child plays and control their time spent with the A9+.

Apart from this, the Samsung Galaxy A9+ is equipped with quad speakers so that the sound quality enhances your gaming experience to a great extent. The slim and durable design makes this device easier to carry around, so forget that your tab would break easily; the Galaxy A9+ offers all the features your kids need to enjoy an exceptional gaming experience.

    •  11-inch screen with a 90Hz refresh rate
    •  Quad speakers
    •  Slim and durable design
    •  Multi-window display
    •  Long-lasting battery life

However, some users complain that the charging speed is slow.

6. Zonko Tablet 2024 10-inch — Best Gaming Tablet with Premium Feel

The Zonko Tablet 2024 10-inch is our best gaming tablet that offers a premium feel. With its powerful octa-core processor and lightweight metal body, users get to enjoy all the latest features to have a gaming experience like never before. Users who feel that the 64 GB internal storage is not enough for their games can upgrade the storage up to 1TB through the expandable storage option. Want to add more games to your Zonko tablet? Well, now you know how easy this process can be.

Moreover, the 5G and latest Wifi version support not only enables you to enjoy a seamless gaming experience — but also enables you to play online multiplayer modes of your favorite games without any hassle.

    •  Powerful processor to run heavy games
    •  Has a lightweight metal body
    •  5G and Wifi support for seamless online connectivity
    •  Offers storage expansion of up to 1 TB

However, the battery life of this device is not so great, which requires you to charge it frequently.

7. Lenovo Tab M-9 — Best Tablet for an Immersive Gaming Experience

The Lenovo Tab M-9 is the best gaming tablet that offers a gaming experience that you might have never had in your life. With its immersive display and exceptional sound quality, this gaming tablet offers a cinematic experience and can be a great option if you’re planning to explore mobile gaming as a beginner. Moreover, the M-9 tab offers water resistance so that you don’t have to worry if you touch it with wet hands or take it outdoors. Overall, this device could be a great pick if you’re fond of games that consist of storytelling and want to feel as if you’re playing on a cinema screen.

    •  It has a high-quality IPS display
    •  Offers an amazing battery life
    •  9” HD display
    •  Offers a cinematic experience

However, this device comes with a small storage, which can be annoying.

Aspects You Should Consider When Looking for the Best Tablet for Gaming

Looking for the best gaming tablet and still confused about which device you should buy? Well, this section can help you figure out which gaming tab aligns best with your requirements. While most people focus on brands, you should look for the device that adds the most value to your gaming experiences. Although brand matters, with the constant innovation in the tablet market, all brands are now offering more and more features to capture the market share. You could prioritize value over brand to ensure that your gaming experiences are phenomenal rather than opting for a device with fewer features just because it comes from a large tablet manufacturer.

Moreover, the processor holds great importance when looking for the right gaming tablet since playing heavy games requires significant processing power. So, look for a device with decent processing power so that you can play your favorite titles peacefully without any lags. We can understand the pain when you’re attempting your master move in a fighting game, and all of a sudden, your device lags. It’s definitely a mini heart attack, isn’t it? You should also look for compatible devices that come with high-capacity batteries so that you can enjoy your favorite games without any inconvenience.

Gaming tablets are not just about compatibility and performance; it is also crucial to know what hardware support your shortlisted devices offer, such as support for peripheral attachments. Whether you’re searching for the best tablet for Roblox or any other game you love to play, it should offer hardware attachment support so that you do not have to play only using the touchscreen.

Lastly, you would never want your device to lag while you’re playing on it, so understand the specification requirements of the games you wish to play before you start shortlisting devices. We’ve compiled a list of the devices for basic games as well as high-end titles that require a certain level of specifications related to the device you’re planning to play on. So, forget about unnecessary worries and choose the best tablet for gaming to enjoy your time in a great way.

While gaming tablets are here to revolutionize this industry, we hope whichever device you opt for, it offers gaming experiences that you can enjoy with your friends and other online players to be a mobile gaming champion and set new world records.


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