Power that just stays ON.

32000mAh Massive Battery  |  180 Days Standby

MediaTek Dimensity 720 5G  |  MIL-STD-810H IP68 IP69K

The Longest Battery Life, up to 180 Days Standby

With its 32,000mAh battery, the RT7 Titan brings forth an astonishing 180 days of standby time. Beyond just its impressive battery life, the RT7 Titan embodies a lifestyle of uninterrupted connectivity, offering your 220H calling time and 34H of navigation.

Power On-The-Go

Power Backup Anywhere

Never worry about power out in the field, or in the wild-you can conveniently extract the RT7 Titan and utilize it as a backup power supply. The Reverse Charging feature is compatible with a wide range of commonly used electronic devices.

Rapid 33W Charging, Swift Power Recovery

Energize your RT7 Titan with an ultra-swift 33W charge, perfectly aligned with your dynamic outdoor pursuits In just 360 minutes, the robust 32,000mAh battery achieves full power, guaranteeing uninterrupted journeys that can extend over 180 days.

Enhance Your Work All Day Through

Paired with the latest Android 13 OS, the MediaTek Dimensity 720 delivers a seamless multitasking experience. Whether you're engaged in work, boosting productivity, navigating, studying, RT7 Titan ensures an uninterrupted encounter tailored to all your tasks and entertainment desires.

The First 5G Rugged Tablet

Flawless streaming and rapid uploads are no longer extras - they're vital. With speeds up to 20 times faster than 4G, 5G is a game-changer. The RT7 Titan is the first rugged tablet with built-in 5G, ensuring swift connectivity wherever you go.

Always Ready For Your Desires

RT7 Titan offers you the option to expand the RAM memory to 24 GB, which help you to deal with heavy resource-intensive apps. Expand storage space with RT7 Titan's 256GB ROM and support for up to 1TB, ensuring you never run out of storage.

Read in Outdoor With Ease

Whether you're exploring a forest or trekking atop a mountain, the RT7 Titan ensures ideal screen visibility with its optimal brightness of 400 nits. This clarity enables seamless reading, ensuring that navigation apps can pinpoint your location without the hindrance of sunlight glare.

Indestructible and Built To Withstand Heavy Abuse

RT7 Titan is designed to endure drops, shocks, and extrerme temperatures, backed by certifications including IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H standards. This resilience allows it to function seamlessly during both freezing winters and scorching summers.

Keep Your Gloves On

RT7 Titan features a responsive touchscreen that accurately registers your finger's movements, even with gloves on. This eliminates the need for frequent glove removal, allowing you to smoothly navigate and accomplish tasks with ease.

Screen Defying Limits,

Unyielding Always

RT7 Titan boasts a robust screen, rendering it highly resistant to scratches and indentations. A 1.1mm incorporated layer of top-quality glass as an added protective shield guarantees greater toughness.

Work Seamlessly in Various Scenarios

Crafted to handle challenging tasks even in the harshest conditions, the RT7 Titan shines in terms of durability and performance. It excels in various scenarios, thriving in everything from demanding industrial environments to a range of outdoor activities.

Stand, Hold, Sling, it Fits Your Need

The RT7 Titan features an alloy handle, hand strap, and shoulder belt for effortless fieldwork tablet carrying. The shoulder strap enables convenient reading and portability. The tablet's design prevents slipping, ensuring confident navigation.

Your Photography Power, Now Threefold

79.4° wide-angle, autofocus-enabled 48MP Main Camera, a 20MP Night Vision Camera, a 2MP Macro Camera. Triple camera action, all individually powered by our advanced Al. Made for capturing all your picture-perfect moments.

Capture Every Epic Moment

Capture field moments with the 48MP Main camera, preserving details in 8000 x 6000 resolution. Ideal for outdoor activities and work scenarios demanding top-notch photo quality to immortalize crucial moments.

Night Vision in Darkness

The 20MP Night Vision camera (with infrared ray enabled) delivers clear visibility, providing complete sight even in absolute darkness.

Capture Stunning

Close-up Photos

With the 2MP Macro camera, you can capture clear and intricate shots within the range of 3 to 10 centimeters. This lets you delve into stunning close-up photography, unveiling a world of vibrant and intricate details.

Snap your selfie with friends

Elevate your selfies with the RT7 Titan. Utilizing the 32MP front camera, the portrait mode captures images featuring elegantly blurred backgrounds, producing striking bokeh effects that enhance the prominence of your subject.

Accurately Scan Every Single

Scan Mode provides professional level fast and accurate barcode scanning and QR code scanning. This tablet is perfect for logistics and warehouse workers looking to swiftly scan packages accurately. It's also suitable for daily QR code scanning as well.