RT7 Titan (4G) for Sale: What is different between RT7 Titan and RT7 Titan 5G?

RT7 Titan (4G) for Sale: What is different between RT7 Titan and RT7 Titan 5G?

In this fast-paced tech universe, smartphones have blossomed from mere talking devices into emblems of innovation, everyday practicality, and personal style. As buyers in this market, we're perpetually navigating a sea of choices that makes the purchasing decision a little challenging.
Within such a framework surfaces the RT7 Titan in its 4G and 5G incarnations—a fine opportunity for us to get down into the nooks & crannies that distinguish these two siblings.
This article sets out to dissect and compare the RT7 Titan (4G) with the RT7 Titan 5G—running their design and functionalities through a detailed examination—from performance benchmarks to battery stamina; from computational might to connectivity avenues, we’ll chart each territory for all-encompassing insights.

Design and Build Quality

Smartphone design and build quality are substantial players in the game of user experience. The RT7 Titan series, offered both in 4G and 5G models, embodies a measured approach towards design - with eyes on rigidity and beauty.

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For color enthusiasts, the RT7 Titan 4G model comes wrapped in two traditional shades – Blue and Black – offering up choices to match your vibe perfectly. This piece measures about 249.1 x 167.8 x 19.8 mm, suggesting it leans more towards the larger side but isn't too much of a handful - striking an agreeable balance between display size and ease-of-carrying. The RT7 Titan 4G is a touch lighter! Packing quite some weight at around 1200g lends it a solid feel that appeals particularly to individuals who prefer their devices made hard-wearing and tangible.
Meanwhile, consistency in design prevails as the RT7 Titan 5G keeps its Classic Blue and Elegant Black options just like its predecessor. Its identical dimensions to the 4G model mean that if you're swapping models, you'll still be dealing with a familiar feel.


The engine that drives any smartphone, the processor, is fundamental in shaping how it performs and its operational efficiency. This rings true for the RT7 Titan series as well - there are notable differences between their processors, demonstrating the tech evolution from one generation to another.
The 4G version of RT7 Titan harnesses power from MTK MT8788 chipset, a processor buzzing at a frequency of 2.0 GHz crafted on robust 12nm technology – which was common during its era. It flaunts an octa-core CPU under its hood, which guarantees slick multitasking and general performance smoothness. Aside from this, thanks to the Arm Mali-G72 MP3 GPU nestled inside it, this model has more than enough muscle for reasonable graphical processing tasks.
Shifting our attention to the RT7 Titan 5G, it takes things up a notch with the Dimensity 720 (MT6853) chipset running the show. This chipset still hums along at 2.0 GHz but brings some extra game with its advanced 7nm tech, promising better efficiency and performance chops. Like its counterparts, it keeps things smooth sailing with an octa-core set-up for effortless multitasking. It's paired up with that trusty Arm Mali-G57 MC3 GPU again.


The importance of memory and storage can't be downplayed when it comes to a smartphone's prowess at multitasking and stashing away data effectively. The RT7 Titan lineup brings in notable variations on these fronts between the 4G and 5G models.
The RT7 Titan 4G model comes packing an impressive 8GB of RAM along with a spacious 256GB internal storage (ROM). To satiate performance-hungry users without burning through battery life, this model leans into LPDDR4X tech for its RAM. As for the ROM, it sticks to the reliable UFS2.1 specs ensuring efficient data shuffling and storing speeds.
Meanwhile, the RT7 Titan 5G is kicking things up a notch, boasting a higher RAM at 12GB and matching with the prevalent 256GB of onboard storage. The RAM here also taps into LPDDR4X technology to ensure seamless operations. But where it really shines is on the ROM front - leveraging UFS2.2 standards that promise swifter data maneuverability compared to its UFS2.1 kin.


The screen is the heartbeat of any smartphone, directly shaping how users experience their visuals. In the RT7 Titan family, both 4G and 5G siblings carry identical display specs, pledging a top-notch visual treat.
Each model sports a sprawling 10.1-inch display – this is no small screen estate, offering plenty of room for all your online cruising, gaming spells, or video binge sessions! They proudly wear a resolution badge of 1920 x 1200, which translates to sharp-as-a-tack clarity in your visuals. Add to that the pixel density standing at an impressive 224 PPI (pixels per inch); you're looking at super crisp text and pictures where every detail shines in high definition without breaking a sweat.
Both the RT7 Titan 4G and its sibling, the 5G version, bring a brightness level of 400 nits to the game - pretty decent for clear visibility under different lighting scenarios. Add to this a contrast ratio of 1000:1, ensuring lifelike colors interspersed with deep blacks, making your viewing sessions truly pleasure-filled.


The RT7 Titan series of smartphones, up for grabs in both 4G and 5G variants, sweeps the floor with their spectacular camera arrangements. The RT7 Titan 4G sets you up nicely with a bombshell 32MP selfie camera on the front and a sharp-eyed rear primary shooter boasting a hefty 48MP sensor replete with HDR, Bokeh, and Beauty modes.
But that's not where it ends. They've also thrown in an exclusive 20MP night viewer cam for after-dark ventures and a nifty little macro snapper at a neat 2MP to round off this jack-of-all-trades lens package. And guess what? The same top-tier photo kit comes bundled in the seemingly advanced sibling – the RT7 Titan 5G – maintaining parity across features whilst delivering steadfast performance irrespective of which network camp you belong to.

Battery Life

The RT7 Titan series phones, rolling out in both 4G and 5G versions, make power users' dreams come true with their focus on enduring battery life.
The 4G variant packs a hefty 32000mAh battery under the hood, boasting rights for excellent standby times – up to almost half a year of standby. Whether you like blasting tunes (75 hours), streaming videos (31 hours), or gaming sessions (30 hours), this phone's got your back!
Swinging over to the RT7 Titan 5G, it is also equipped with a beefy 32000mAh battery as well. When compared to its 4G predecessor, there's a notable improvement in terms of music (85 hours) and video playback (35 hours), throwing in a solid calling time of up to an impressive 220 hours.


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