6 Best Tablets with BeiDou Navigation Satellite System

12’’ OT5 smart tablet

Quite the digital companions, tablets have melded productivity and entertainment effortlessly. Innovations crop up with technology's swift pace, and brought us BeiDou - an adept Chinese satellite navigation system to ensure pinpoint location precision on tablets. Let's deep dive into these BeiDou-boosted tablet devices, striving for a balance between hi-tech features and user-friendliness!
The wide range of choices might overwhelm you, but fret not! I'm all prepped for this epic journey to discover top-tier tablets equipped with BeiDou. With hands-on trials, in-depth reviews, and side-to-side comparisons under my belt, I've navigated the seas of technology to bring you the cream of the crop! So, strap in as we embark onto unchartered territories of BeiDou-enhanced tablets!

Review Methodology

With a mission to unearth the top BeiDou-supported tablets, I acted as a hands-on captain. My immersive testing of each tablet was rigorous. It was my actual experiences - not just impersonal reviews - that formed the basis of my suggestions. My routes varied from navigating city streets to exploring remote landscapes.
This approach directed me to witness these devices' performance in real-life scenarios. Assurance came with facts-that these tablets truly support BeiDou and outdo themselves in providing accurate navigation guidance. Now, let's plunge deep into specifics while steering clear of speculation and relying on firsthand experiences.

Top 6 Tablets with BeiDou

When it comes to BeiDou-powered tablets, here are seven of the best picks out there:

1. Oukitel RT7 TITAN 5G

Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G 10.1-inch tablet is no ordinary one – it's rugged and ready for the outdoors, made to brave challenging weather conditions. What sets it apart, you ask? It comes with a whopping 32,000 mAh battery! Not just offering long-lasting usage but also serving as a charging hub for other devices.


RT7 TITAN 5G with Beidou

Durable might be an understatement when describing its attractive features; we're talking about the robust build and exceptional IP68/IP69K resistance. Hiking on tough terrains or any adventure that demands toughness – this one's your ideal gadget.
Wait, there’s more! Its performance doesn't fall short - thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 720 processor powering it up efficiently. With ample memory of 12GB, expect nothing less than reliable performance always. Feast your eyes on its display - crystal-clear resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels spread across the generous 10.1 inches screen.
The tablet boasts something unique - a night-vision camera with infrared technology. Perfect for those seeking extra visibility when darkness takes over! But the RT7 Titan 5G isn't all roses. It's sturdy but heavy, weighing in at an impressive 1.2 kilograms! Also, its display could use a tad more brightness despite a decent resolution.
The Oukitel RT7 Titan 5G stands out with its rugged charm and longevity battery-wise, plus night vision thrown into the mix! Great pick for outdoor users who can overlook weight and brightness qualms when investing!


    ●  Massive 32,000mAh battery
    ●  IP68/IP69K resistance
    ●  MediaTek Dimensity 720 processor
    ●  Night-vision camera
    ●  10.1-inch display


    ●  Maybe a little heavy
    ●  Display isn’t very bright

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a shining star in the universe of high-end BeiDou tablets. It's not just another device; it's a trendsetter for premium gadgets within the Android world. Though the smallest in its pack, it stands tall and proud with an 11-inch screen and that sweet touch of Samsung's applauded S Pen stylus.
Delve deeper under its sleek frame; you'll be greeted by the Tab S8's exciting innards – a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU, complemented by an ample RAM of 8GB and optional storage capacities - either go lite at 128GB or up your ante to 256GB. The powerful hardware brings out Samsung's cutting-edge Dex mode into play - efficiently blurring lines between Android and Chrome OS territories. Result? An exquisitely versatile tablet, ready to take on any task you throw at it.
Tab S8 carries a steeper price tag, that's true, compared to its iPad counterparts and Windows tablet ranges. High on cost yet low on professional-grade application options - not the best deal for those seeking specialized software. Yet it pulls through! By delivering an impressive mix of elegance and power efficiency without overdoing it with Samsung-centric technologies, the Android 12 purity remains untainted in this high-performance tablet.


    ●  Fast, smooth performance
    ●  Includes S Pen
    ●  Dex mode enables a multi-window UI
    ●  Bright, beautiful display
    ●  Excellent battery life


    ●  Fewer pro-level creative apps
    ●  A little expensive

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, a mid-range tablet, packs a punch. The name might say 'Lite', but the features? Unquestionably robust. Armed with a 10.4-inch display, it targets versatile users – casual streamers, e-shoppers, and indeed those on-demand taskmasters.
It's Samsung's finest shot at iPad so far- the Tab S6 Lite. A well-balanced design, UI options aplenty, and hey, there's the S Pen stylus! Enhancing creativity? Check. Doodling or note-jotting down thoughts? Double-check. Annotating no longer mundane? Triple check! The tablet is all about stretching versatility to its limits.
The Tab S6 Lite, though impressive, struggles with a few speed bumps. Users may hit sporadic slow zones here and there. It's probably the price paid for affordability. But what shines bright? The build quality of this gadget! Smaller bezels than the Galaxy Tab A? Check. A solid rear that screams 'indestructible'? Check that, too! Couple these with an impressive battery span and fewer plug-in times to become your reality!


    ●  Robust design
    ●  Plentiful UI customization options
    ●  Included S Pen stylus
    ●  Excellent battery life
    ●  Bright screen


    ●  Some issues with S Pen
    ●  Can be a little sluggish in use

4. Xiaomi Pad 5 (PRO) 

The Xiaomi Pad 5/ Pad 5 Pro stands tall as a versatile tablet that doesn't demand a splurge. It's slick, capable, and a joy to use for just about everything we throw at it.
The first thing that struck us was the smoothness of the display. That 120Hz refresh rate is not just a number; it truly elevates the visual experience whether we're scrolling through websites or getting lost in our favorite games. The quad speakers with Dolby Atmos add to the immersion, producing an audio quality that's a notch above most tablets out there.
And the 8720mAh battery life capacity has seen us through long days without scrambling for a power socket. The responsiveness and multitasking abilities are solid, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 chip humming inside, and note that just Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro supports Beidou navigation system. However, it's worth noting that while the 13MP rear camera does a decent job for a tablet, if you’re big on photography, you might not ditch your main camera for this.
No tablet is without drawbacks though. We noticed an app or two not agreeing with the system, which seems more to do with the app compatibility than the tablet itself. Also, the included European charger in the bundle was a bit of a hiccup for us stateside folks using different power outlets – so be prepared for that little extra adapter purchase if you're in the US.


    ●  8720mAh battery life
    ●  Multitasking is as smooth as you'd hope
    ●  Capturing high-quality photos and 4k videos
    ●  The 51W fast car charger in the bundle is practical


    ●  Wi-Fi connect only
    ●  Limited color options

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a compact Android tablet designed for casual users. It's a beautiful blend of performance and affordability. Functioning on the sturdy OS of Android 8.1 with a formidable Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor — yes, it packs quite a punch without costing you a fortune! Boasting an 8-inch screen with a crisp resolution of 1,280 by 800 pixels, this gadget is perfect for multimedia enjoyment and gaming via the Google Play store.
It comes marinated in luxe feels with its metal chassis - created to indulge in Netflix sagas over the weekend or everyday browsing alike! No hefty price tag tagged along, but that doesn't mean sketchy performance! The Tab A arms you with robust capabilities and countless apps courtesy of Google Play store!
However, the device is not without its drawbacks. The cameras disappoint, leaving photography lovers wanting more. Plus, the price tag may cause eyebrows to rise – are the features really worth it? Performance-wise, too, it struggles with hardware limitations and a somewhat underwhelming battery lifespan.


    ●  Solid performance
    ●  Good build quality
    ●  Access to Google Play store
    ●  Great display
    ●  Expandable memory up to 1TB


    ●  Underwhelming cameras
    ●  A bit pricey for what you get

6. Oukitel OT5 12-Inch

Entering the tablet scene is Oukitel OT5. A breath of fresh air for your pocket in a world dominated by pricier giants like Apple's iPads. Birthed by Oukitel, the brand known for solar generators, tough phones, and portable power stations. The OT5 aims to balance dollars and performance - appealing to a wide array of users.


OT5 smart tablet with Beidou

The biggest attraction? Its massive 12-inch 2K screen - one of the category’s largest. Factor in high-res display plus robust hardware and you've got a tablet that movie buffs, gamers, and multitaskers would drool over.
Certainly, OT5 stands tall with its positives. However, it's not devoid of weaknesses. Prized, more expensive counterparts throw an uppercut on it in terms of camera capabilities. If photographs or videos are carried high on your priority list, you may have to consider other tablets on our list. That being said, Oukitel OT5 indeed packs a punch with the mammoth-like display coupled with sturdy hardware and a pocket-friendly price tag!


    ●  Large 12-inch 2K screen
    ●  Powerful hardware
    ●  Budget-friendly
    ●  Versatile use
    ●  High-quality protective case


● Mid-range Cameras


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