Power Station

Power Station CN505

614Wh 500W

In the Safeest Mode, Out to Furthest Border


  • Advanced LiFePO4 Utilized
    Safety is Top

  • 2000 times cycles life,
    10 years of Frequent Usage Life

  • 614.4 Wh Huge Capacity

  • Disintegration Point Up to
    700 Celsius,Eco-Friendly

  • 500W power
    (1000W Surge Power)

  • Pure Sine Wave

Solar fast charging MTTP technology
Green clean power

As long as there is sunlight, you can charge the
portable power station anywhere

500W normal power (1000W Surge Power)

500W of power adequate for most of outdoor electrical appliances

Eco-Friendly, No toxic metals like Nickel Cobalt...

Fe from steel, PO4 from organic nature