Best Budget Waterproof Phones

WP21 Ultra

Waterproof phones often carry a hefty price tag, but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank to protect your device from unfortunate spills and sudden downpours. Finding the best budget waterproof phone is about getting the right mix of water resistance, practical features, and reliability – all without sacrificing your wallet.

1. Oukitel WP21 Ultra: Rugged and ready with excellent water resistance


If you think the best budget waterproof phones have to sacrifice toughness, the Oukitel WP21 Ultra is here to prove you wrong. This phone offers more than just splash protection; it's designed to withstand the rigors of a demanding lifestyle. Think of it as your adventurous companion, ready for whatever your day brings, wet or dry.
The WP21 Ultra boasts impressive water (and dust) resistance. It carries an IP68 and IP69K rating, meaning it can handle full submersion in water and even withstand high-pressure water blasts. Whether it's a downpour on a hike, an accidental drop in the pool, or a messy workday, the Oukitel WP21 Ultra keeps on working. But that's just the start.
And this phone is built to last. It exceeds military standards for shock and drop resistance. Far from being delicate, the design proudly embraces its rugged capabilities. That means fewer worries about accidental drops or bumps, which means more peace of mind and a device that should last longer.
Beyond water resistance, the Oukitel WP21 Ultra delivers a surprisingly well-rounded smartphone experience for its budget-friendly price. Its IPS LCD(120Hz) display is easily readable even in harsh sunlight. It features a solid 64 MP camera system ready to capture those spontaneous moments. The 9800mAh battery capacity is generous, designed to minimize the need to scramble for a charger during those active days. The Oukitel WP21 Ultra is proof that you don't have to trade off ruggedness for essential smartphone features, even on a budget. Its focus on durability and impressive water protection make it a compelling choice for those who prioritize a phone they know can handle whatever comes their way.

2. Samsung Galaxy A04s: Affordable and IP68 water-resistant

The Samsung Galaxy A04s makes a splash in the best budget waterproof phone category. Samsung's ability to pack high-end features into an affordable device is on full display here. Expect a surprisingly capable smartphone experience wrapped in a design that's ready for unexpected downpours or accidental encounters with puddles.
The Galaxy A04s achieves an impressive IP68 water resistance rating, something typically reserved for more expensive phones. This means it can be submerged in water without causing damage, giving you peace of mind and the ability to capture photos and videos in less-than-ideal conditions with confidence. Samsung's reputation for quality extends to this budget-conscious option – its water resistance doesn't feel like an afterthought.
Beyond its ability to withstand water, the Galaxy A04s is a strong all-around smartphone. Its display is vibrant and clear, making it easy to use outdoors or in direct sunlight. The camera system, while not the absolute best in its class, delivers surprisingly good results for everyday snaps, especially in good lighting conditions. Samsung's software is well-optimized, ensuring smooth navigation and multitasking for basic tasks.
If you're looking for the best budget waterproof phone with the familiarity and polish of a well-known brand, the Samsung Galaxy A04s offers a great balance of features and protection without breaking the bank. It's a fantastic option for those who want a reliable daily phone with the added security of knowing an accidental drop in the water won't ruin your day or your device.

3. Motorola Moto G Play (2023): Light on price, strong on protection

If you value simplicity and reliable water protection within the best budget waterproof phone category, the Motorola Moto G Play (2023) deserves a closer look. Motorola has built a reputation for dependability and affordability, making this device a strong contender for those on a tight budget who want peace of mind.
The Moto G Play (2023) boasts an IP52 rating. While not as extreme as some other options on this list, it still offers solid protection against everyday splashes, unexpected rain, and the occasional spill. This level of water resistance could be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major phone repair.
Motorola delivers a refreshingly straightforward smartphone experience with the Moto G Play (2023). Its interface is clean and minimalistic, focusing on ease of use. It features a large, bright display that's easy on the eyes. The camera system is capable enough to capture the important moments, especially in good lighting conditions – perfect for those impromptu memories. This phone won't wow you with a massive list of features. Instead, it excels in its simplicity and its focus on core necessities.
The Motorola Moto G Play (2023)'s true appeal lies in its price and the peace of mind it brings with its splash-resistant design. It's a fantastic option for those who simply need a phone that works, offering a reliable, no-nonsense experience without unnecessary complexity. If you prioritize affordability and appreciate that extra layer of water protection, the Moto G Play (2023) delivers fantastic value within the budget-friendly category.

4. Nokia G22: Great water resistance, sustainability-focused

For the eco-conscious buyer seeking a budget-friendly phone that doesn't skimp on water resistance, the Nokia G22 breaks new ground. This phone prioritizes sustainability and longevity, appealing to those who want a device that's built to last – and can handle a little rain along the way.
Let's talk about water resistance. The Nokia G22 carries a solid IP52 rating. While it might not handle deep submersion, it's well-equipped to withstand everyday splashes, drizzles, or the occasional accidental drop in a puddle. Nokia understands that these everyday mishaps can happen, and their design offers peace of mind for the less-than-ideal moments.
The Nokia G22's true advantage is its emphasis on repairability. It features a clever design that makes it surprisingly easy for users to replace parts like the battery, display, or charging port. This emphasis on self-repair extends the phone's lifespan and reduces electronic waste. Its environmental focus is further highlighted with a durable, partially recycled plastic build.
The Nokia G22 is a solid all-around smartphone that doesn't chase trends. Its display is clear, the camera system is decent for everyday snaps, and the software is refreshingly clean with less bloatware. Nokia promises generous software updates, ensuring it will feel modern for longer. If you prioritize sustainability, simple practicality, and worry-free water resistance, the Nokia G22 offers a unique and eco-friendly option within the best budget waterproof phones category. It's a refreshing reminder that smartphones can offer protection and longevity without harming the planet.

5. Xiaomi Redmi 10 (2022): Feature-packed with splash protection

The Xiaomi Redmi 10 (2022) delivers a splash of excitement to the best budget waterproof phone category. This phone stands out by offering a surprisingly well-rounded feature set at a budget-friendly price, along with a level of water resistance to inspire confidence.
While the Redmi 10 (2022) doesn't have an official IP rating, Xiaomi has built-in protection against splashes and light rain. This means you don't have to panic if you're caught in a sudden downpour or accidentally spill a drink nearby. While not suited for underwater adventures, it offers a sense of security during everyday use.
Xiaomi is known for packing value into its devices, and the Redmi 10 (2022) is no exception. It boasts a vibrant and immersive display, perfect for catching up on your favorite shows or scrolling through social media apps. Its camera system delivers surprisingly capable results for the price point, especially in good lighting conditions. Plus, the battery is generous, providing enough power to easily get you through a full day.
The Xiaomi Redmi 10 (2022) strikes a balance between features and affordability. Its splash resistance adds a level of practicality not always found in its price range. If you want a dependable smartphone with a surprising array of features all packaged within a budget-friendly price, the Xiaomi Redmi 10 (2022) deserves a closer look – and you won't have to worry too much about occasional light splashes.

6. Ulemidigi Bison X10G: Ultra-rugged with an ultra-low price

The Ulemidigi Bison X10G makes a bold statement in the rugged, budget-friendly smartphone category. It's built like a tank and priced like a bargain find, designed for those who demand serious toughness without a significant financial sacrifice. If you think the best budget waterproof phones have to be delicate, the Bison X10G is out to prove you wrong.
This phone boasts impressive certifications that go far beyond basic water resistance. It carries an IP68 and IP69K rating, plus passes MIL-STD-810G durability tests. This means it can handle full submersion in water, intense dust exposure, drops onto hard surfaces, and even high-pressure water blasts. Think of it as the phone equivalent of a fearless adventurer – it's built to handle conditions that would destroy less rugged devices.
While its primary focus is durability, the Bison X10G doesn't completely ignore essential smartphone features. Its display may not be the absolute sharpest on the market, but it's ruggedized and designed for easy visibility even in bright sunlight. The camera system, while not of professional quality, is versatile enough to capture basic worksite documentation, spontaneous outdoor moments, or the occasional quick memory. Its battery is impressively large, designed to minimize the need to scramble for a charger during those extra-long days.
The Ulemidigi Bison X10G thrives in its niche. It's built for those who don't baby their devices – for those who know a dropped phone is inevitable and want a device that will simply shrug it off. While its ruggedness might even feel like overkill for casual users, its combination of extreme toughness and its ultra-low price make it a truly compelling option for those who demand a smartphone that can handle whatever their work or adventures throw at it.

7. CAT S53: An Android workhorse built for harsh conditions

If you prioritize rugged reliability and need a smartphone specifically geared towards demanding work environments, the CAT S53 demands close attention. CAT, known for its construction equipment, brings that same no-nonsense durability to this Android phone. This device takes the best budget waterproof phone concept and pushes it into workhorse territory, proving its toughness exceeds more delicate options.
The CAT S53 is engineered with challenging working conditions at the forefront. Boasting IP68 and IP69K certifications, alongside passing MIL-STD-810H standards, it's far more than your standard splash-proof smartphone. Drops onto concrete, unexpected downpours, being accidentally submerged, or clouds of dusty debris – this phone is built to handle the less-than-ideal worksite conditions that would spell disaster for most devices. The textured design even provides extra grip to reduce accidental drops, a thoughtful detail that showcases CAT's focus on practicality.
Beyond its rugged design, the CAT S53 aims to be the ultimate tool to get the job done. Its super-bright display ensures you won't be squinting under harsh sunlight to read important instructions or messages. The programmable side key cuts down on fumbling, letting you customize it to launch essential work apps, activate the built-in flashlight, or trigger a quick note – all with a simple press. The camera system, while not of professional quality, is more than capable of capturing on-site documentation, snapping reference photos, or scanning the occasional QR code. It even boasts a powerful loudspeaker, perfect for hearing calls over noisy worksites.
The CAT S53 excels in its niche. It's designed for those who demand a smartphone that mirrors their own work ethic – tough, capable, and laser-focused on getting the job done. While the design might lack the sleekness of more consumer-focused rivals, the CAT S53 proudly wears its toughness like a badge of honor. If your work pushes your tools to their limits, the CAT S53 is built to become an essential work companion, a reliable extension of yourself on even the most challenging jobsites.


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