7 Best Tablets for Students: Embrace Unparalleled Efficiency

Oukitel OT6 smart tablet

As students, we all know how hard it can be to stay focused on what is happening in class. It is so easy to be left behind. Especially when taking notes using a pen and a notebook. And what happens because of that? We waste a whole lot of paper!
Tablets are a lot more efficient than other forms of note-taking. Think about it, they’re compact, don’t damage easily, and are easy to carry around! Is there anything better than that?
We're all tired of carrying around heavy books and laptops all over the place. And that is where tablets come in to save the day. After all, it’s so much easier to swiftly jot down points on a tab instead.
A lot of us are worried about the pollution that is caused by us. Nobody likes the idea of cutting down trees, right? But that is how our notebooks are made! And so we all need a better way of copying down our notes. However, with a tablet, you can forget about single-use paper. Oh, and as an added bonus, you can cut down on plastic too by not buying pens.
There is one issue though, not all tablets are created to be bought by students. You wouldn’t want to end up with a kid’s tablet in your calculus class!
The tasks required by us are complex, which is why we need to make sure our purchase does the job right. Finding the right tablet could be tough, but we have got this department covered; we’re experts in tech!
Want the perfect guide to buy a tablet? We have touched upon all the points that need to be considered during a tab purchase and our very own top 7 picks to make this process a whole lot simpler for you!

Factors to Consider Before Picking Your Note-taking Tablet

There are not a whole lot of tablets that cater to students. A quick search on Amazon would display thousands of options. But does that mean that they are all worthy enough to buy? Absolutely not! Some tablets have features that help students improve their efficiency.
Wondering about which features we’re talking about? Here are seven of the most important things you may look at when you are upgrading to a new tablet this year.


When we are speaking of student tablets, you can relate to the need for a tablet that is not too bulky. We wouldn’t choose to go around with a heavy backpack during our long days. Weight does matter in this case! A good lightweight tablet weighs 0.5 pounds.
We have taken that ballpark into consideration to ensure that each student’s needs are met.

Input Options

Probably the most important feature of a tablet for students like us is the input options it offers. Many of us are not comfortable typing our notes down. Some of us, in fact, also like the feel of writing our own notes!
That is why we recommend purchasing a tablet with a plethora of input methods like: keyboard attachments, speech-to-text options, and of course, our favorite stylus!

Size of Screen

Here’s a feature some people just cannot compromise on. But it does depend on your preferences too! Some people like smaller screens because they are easier on our eyes and compact. We personally prefer larger screens because it helps us multitask.
Which ones do you prefer? We have a whole bunch of options in our top picks below!

Quality of Audio

The next feature we have taken into consideration is the quality of audio. Don’t you hate it when you can’t listen to your recorded lectures? After all, this may render your purchase useless!
This can be a big problem, even in some high-end laptops. We recommend everyone make sure the tablet they buy has good audio features.
Newer tablets now come with options for smart audio controls, making sure you get the best listening experience. Checking audio online isn’t possible, but we have you covered!

Operating Systems

Before picking your next tablet, there is an important factor that must not be missed. The brand you choose, or more specifically, the brand’s OS is highly important for our tablets. It doesn’t just help you determine which apps you will be able to run, but your comfort too!
This is the perfect chance to decide if you’re a part of team iOS or team Android! Having a look at the tab’s interface can help you decide it can be your next academic weapon!

Storage Capacity

As a student, having generous storage is really important! We are always working on countless documents and presentations; and not to forget those videos that take up all the space on our devices. So, before you pick a tablet for yourself, make sure it has enough space for all your projects. Moreover, it must give you the chance to add an SD card if needed.

1 – Best Tablet for Students On the Go--- Supernote Nomad

Finding a compact tablet is a task you don’t want to go through. That is because there aren’t enough options available on the market. That’s why we were drawn to the Supernote Nomad, a 7.8-inch tablet that you can easily slide into the smaller pockets of your bag.
Fear about running out of storage? Don’t worry with this option, expand your usage up to 2TB using the handy microSD slot. And if you missed that old fashioned replaceable battery era, this tablet brings it right back. We are impressed at how this device takes sustainability to the max!
The Supernote Nomad makes you feel like you’re writing on a real notepad too. Aside from the e-ink advantages, it also offers seamless connectivity across the apps you need. DropBox, Microsoft Cloud, Google Drive, you name it! There is one thing we would've preferred; a camera. But for students, it does the job anyway.

    •  Compact and easy to hold
    •  Aesthetic black and white display that feels exactly like real paper
    •  Easily connect to your cloud apps
    •  Stylus is not included in the purchase
    •  Watching videos is incompatible

2 – Best featherweight Student Tablet --- Lenovo Tab M11

Our pick for the lightest student tablet is the M11. It comes with a huge 10.1-inch screen with a 1900 x 1200 resolution. Screen size isn’t a problem with the M11, it is a pretty big screen to watch all your classes. If you asked us this could pass as a mini laptop screen!
No distractions with this one either! This tablet is made specifically to meet the needs of students with its limited features. Are the limited features hindering your decision? Trust us, limited features do not mean bad in this case!
Other tablets like Apple cost a lot of money. The M11 is great if you’re not trying to break the bank. There is a feature we aren’t too fond of, and that’s its boring design. However, its value-priced positioning is definitely a game-changer!

    •  Perfect lightweight tab for students
    •  Sturdy and not easy to break
    •  No bulky software
    •  Not suitable for complex tasks
    •  Lacks certain high-end features

3 – Best Tablet for Notetaking--- Boogie Board Blackboard

Tired of the distractions? Are you looking for a simple, no fluff tablet. Then the Boogie Board Blackboard is the perfect pick for you. In no way is this a high-end device; that does not mean it isn’t good. If note-taking is at the top of your priorities and you don’t want any of the other features of a tablet, then this is the perfect pick for you.
What we think is the best about this device is that it is completely devoid of distractions. Just a no-nonsense device made for a singular function! The Boogie Blackboard is the closest thing you will find to a notebook.
Say goodbye to the bombardment of notifications, there’s nothing stopping you from completing your work on this device. Prepared to be reminded of your old school days? The tablet will fit perfectly into your hand and it comes with a pen too. Here’s the perfect device for your academic tasks!

    •  Keeps things simple
    •  Long battery life
    •  Compact design
    •  Ideal for focused studying
    •  Using outdoors could be challenging
    •  Only focused on notetaking

4 –Best Student Tablet for Battery Life --- Oukitel OT6 Smart Tablet

Gathering insights from recent use, we've found the OT6 to be impressively long-lasting with its robust 8000mAh battery, which is a real boon for those of us who are always on the go. It's a pretty reliable tablet that keeps up with demanding schedules, and we found it rarely needed a midday charge.




The Oukitel OT6 steps up with 5G WiFi and WiFi 6, making everything from streaming video to online gaming incredibly smooth and fast. We're talking less buffering and more enjoyment, which was a delight during our testing.
For those fond of streaming, the Widevine L1 support is a game-changer, securing your HD content for a premium viewing experience. We've really enjoyed vivid details and lifelike colors on its 10.1-inch display while indulging in our favorite shows.


Oukitel OT6 with Widevine L1

When it comes to performance, the 16GB RAM handles multitasking like a champ. Juggling between apps is seamless, and the 64GB of internal storage, expandable up to 1TB, means we never had to worry about space for our files.


Oukitel OT6 storage


Now, nothing is perfect, and we did notice that to get the best out of the OT6, you might need to tweak settings like enabling 'ram boost' for optimal performance. Also, the audio seems to favor one side, which may impact your enjoyment if you're looking for a symmetrical audio experience.
All in all, while it might not replace your main device, the OT6 has proven to be more than adequate for everyday tasks, providing a pleasant experience without the hefty price tag.

    •  Powerful 8000mAh battery
    •  Dual 5G WiFi and advanced WiFi 6
    •  Included a stylus with An excellent touch.
    •  Inexpensive and cost-effective
    •  The audio experience also leans towards being average

5 –Best Microsoft Student Tablet--- Microsoft Surface Go

Stop! Don’t scroll past the Surface. We know it has a reputation for being on the pricier end, but take a look at the Microsoft Surface Go! Microsoft’s solution for a solid tablet for all students.
Look, it's versatile, looks pretty cool and has a super large variety of input options. If you'd ask us, we would totally recommend it.
Are you looking for a proper tablet for complex tasks that isn’t too bulky? Get the Surface. It’s adjustable, small, and light. We could fit this just about anywhere in any bag! With great cameras, keyboard attachments, and its optimization for stylus-usage, is there a better option?
Check out the Surface for your academic journey!

    •  Long battery life
    •  Bright screen
    •  Sharp camera quality
    •  Some users report lag

6 – Best Apple Student Tablet --- iPad Air 5

Now we’re entering the premium segment of student tablets. And what better place is there to start than the iPad Air 5? It has it all! The Air is powered by Apple’s top-of-the-line chip, the M1 chipset. We can tell your experience is going to be great with this one.
Aside from its obvious benefits, the tablet also features one of the best operating systems. You will have a plethora of app options to pick from the App store. Probably the biggest pro of this tablet is... it’s an iPad! Apple is known for its sleek devices, and the iPad Air keeps that legacy going!
Pair it with an Apple Pencil to be amazed by how stylus-optimized this tablet truly is! It ticks all the checkboxes, so need us to say more?

    •  Top Battery Life
    •  Optimized for a Stylus, Keyboard, and other attachments
    •  Excellent camera quality
    •  M1 Chip Set, perfect for multitasking and complex applications
    •  Slightly flimsy and easy to damage
    •  An Outdated 60 Hz LCD Panel

7 – Best Android Student Tablet --- Samsung Tab A7

We were sold on the sweet mix of price and performance in the Samsung Tab A7. It’s the last tab on our list, but in no way is this the worst of the bunch! Cheaper than Apples options but still loaded with a ton of features, this is the best option for students that need a device they can count on!
It’s not as fast as other tablets. And it definitely doesn’t perform the best either. But it does all the basics so well its perfect for students! You can combine it with a keyboard to it and it almost gives you a laptop-like experience.
The base variant does come with just 32 GB of storage, but it has a microSD slot helping you increase that by a ton! The Samsung Tab A7 is also extremely lightweight. Coming in at just 1.1 lbs, it is perfect for students who have to move around with their devices.

    •  Good battery life
    •  Facial recognition to keep unwanted people away
    •  Super Fast charging
    •  The screen could be brighter


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