Oukitel was established in 2007.

We are a National high tech company with an advanced and experienced R & D team, dedicated production crew and Technical services.

Oukitel has marketed in countries all over the world including countries from Europe, Asia, North and South America and have successfully developed over 130 distributors from 60 countries worldwide.

We provide a wide range of services. Our OEM and ODM services are not only limited to Mobile telecom products but also vaping and power stations.

  • Vision

  • Value

  • Mission

The world has seen rapid development in technology over the last decade. Technology is increasingly playing a bigger role in our lives. Everything from our business, social lives, agriculture, energy, education etc has been impacted by technology.

The downside to rapid development of technology is the cost at which it comes. Here at Oukitel we are committed to creating the most advanced technologies at a very affordable rate so as to bridge the gap in society. Our lines of smartphones have kept up to the latest trends in technology but have been at affordable prices.

The name Oukitel is not only a name or marketing logo. It is a global force focused on problem solving and providing solutions. Our goal is to promote empowerment of people and help them improve upon their lives using our products and services.

Oukitel has slowly grown into the heart of so many people around and the love and adoration from all these customers and fans have fueled our desire to be the best. Branding is not only a fancy TV commercial or a stunning billboard but the same value we share in trust. Customer is the only reason that we are here.

Oukitel is a passionate brand with the mission to create the best sustainable products with maximum adherence and respect for ethics and compliances. Our company strives to create the best work environment for our worker, continue to strengthen communications with our stakeholders. Most important of all continue to contribute to technological advancement and help make society a better place both for us and future generations.

The Development

Since the company establishment, Yunji has developed and grown over the years. As the years goes by, we have created a corporate culture based on professionalism, trustworthiness and competence.

Yunji has an advanced and experienced R&D team. They work hard all year round to develop new and exciting technology for our products. Their influence can be seen and felt through our phones, vape and power stations.

Our manufacturing teams are responsible for assembling and putting together the various components of a product to achieve the final products. Our manufacturing team is well equipped and well synchronized to achieve the highest level of efficiency. This efficiency is responsible for the 20 million units of products we manufacture annually.

With almost 13 years in the electronic and telecommunication industry, we have established ourselves as one of the cornerstones of the ever developing chinese tech industry. We have over the course of these years adjusted our business strategy to adapt to current trends and strengthened our internal management system to reflect our ambition of establishing ourselves as a global force. We intend to produce the very best of products and help uplift and improve upon the “Made-in-China” image all over the world.


Smart Phone

Strong technical force

Advanced equipment

Strict quality management system

Professional services

Competitive price

Global Goals

Oukitel from its humble beginnings has developed into a company with reach in so many countries around. Our goal is to keep strengthening those connections and develop into global brands. A global brand with the needs of the people at heart.

We are open to work with any legitimate company or individual who is interested in joining our family.