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  • MediaTek MT8788 Processor
  • 10.1 FHD + Durable Display
  • MIL-STD-810H&IP68&IP69K
  • 20000mAh Huge Battery

Color: Black


Normalmente, los pedidos tardan entre 7 y 15 días hábiles en llegar. Su pedido será enviado desde el almacén más cercano con disponibilidad de stock. Más información

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1. ¿Por qué elegir los dispositivos OUKITEL?

Nuestro innovador OUKITEL Tech Fusion™ combina cinco elementos esenciales: durabilidad robusta, procesadores potentes, baterías de larga duración, pantallas vívidas, resistencia al agua y excelente señal. Es la fuerza impulsora detrás de nuestros excepcionales teléfonos inteligentes, teléfonos resistentes, tabletas y tabletas resistentes.

OUKITEL La tecnología Endurance+™ garantiza un rendimiento continuo y se adapta a sus necesidades sin esfuerzo. Priorizamos la potencia y la longevidad, para que nunca pierdas el ritmo.

Elevados por OUKITEL Power Technology™, nuestros dispositivos están diseñados para un rendimiento incomparable, lo que garantiza que tengas la resistencia y la capacidad para conquistar cualquier desafío que se te presente. camino.

2. ¿Cuál es nuestro cronograma de entrega?

Su pedido OUKITEL normalmente llega dentro de 7 a 15 días hábiles. Tenga en cuenta que durante los días festivos más importantes, como el Día de los Caídos, el Día de la Independencia, el Día del Trabajo, el Día de Acción de Gracias, el Día de Navidad y el Día de Año Nuevo, puede haber ligeros retrasos en las entregas a destinos internacionales. Sin embargo, priorizamos su satisfacción y enviamos todos los paquetes internacionales a través de servicios de envío exprés con seguimiento, lo que le permite monitorear el progreso de su pedido en tiempo real.

3. ¿Cuáles son los beneficios de los Rugged Gears de OUKITEL?

Experimente las ventajas del equipo resistente de OUKITEL:

  • Durabilidad inigualable: nuestros dispositivos están diseñados para resistir los entornos más desafiantes.
  • Tranquilidad a prueba de agua: sea listo para cualquier clima; OUKITEL el equipo es resistente al agua y está listo para la acción.
  • Energía duradera: con baterías grandes, nuestros dispositivos se adaptan a su exigente estilo de vida.
  • Calidad de señal estelar: cuente con OUKITEL para una señal fuerte y confiable dondequiera que vayas.

¡Elige OUKITEL para obtener equipo resistente que potencie tus aventuras!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great if you're not near mains power for a few days

I've had this tablet for a few months, I use it with Google FI. I understand there may be a few US cell services that disallow this on their networks, but I've had no issues with it working on Google Fi at all. I mostly bought it for the occasionally internet outtage or power failure in my somewhat rural neighborhood in North Carolina. I've had a few outtages that lasted days and this lets me be ready for that. I feel the tablet works very well and performs more than adequately. My biggest frustration was in finding a second US 110V charger that works properly with the tablet. The first Boxwave products released (Amazon) would not charge it properly, but their latest very expensive 100W charger will finally charge it correctly. The battery life is great, lets me watch movies and do business over cell network till the mains come back. I like to watch movies and they play flawlessly and the audio is nice over the built in speakers or I can use a bluetooth speaker but that just uses more battery up faster. Other than the now cured problem with finding a second charger, I have no real complaints with the tablet other than it assumes everyone likes the gesture system, I don't like gestures but that was easily remedied with an app store download to put in the nice old school three icons at the bottom of the screen setup. It was a lot of money for this unit but worth it. When your power or internet is out and your whole house runs on the internet like mine does it gives me something to do while I'm on the phone ripping somebody a new one to get my power back on. Very satisfied, hopefully they release that user's manual soon.

Matti Saarento

Oukitel RT2 Rugged Tablet

Great Rugged Tablet

I've seen the comments above about it being slow (especially when playing 4k video - admittedly you'd have to ask why you select a 4k option for a 1920x1200 display, its not 4k anyway). What it is:- rugged and built to last, huge battery life (2-3 days) and plenty responsive. What its not is a thin light , ipad pro, with a battery life of less than a day. I've had cheap android tablets before, and I was nervous about this - paying the price of a new base ipad for one, but then I've managed to crack more than one ipad screen so it was worth a try. I can't fault this on performance, ease of use, multitasking etc. A 16mp main camera is a bit off the boil these days, but then who carries a tablet as a camera - bit big and clunky for that.
If you're in the market for a thin light ipad move on. If you want a rugged, long battery life, android 12 tablet, that does pretty much everything the ipad does, but with more battery and harder to break, this is the product for you

José Alberto Martin Alonso

Oukitel RT2 Rugged Tablet

Marian Tota
Strong tablets

My kids enjoy these tables,very strong (exactly for kids:) ). A bit slow for me but it's a cheap tablet. Overall worth the money .