OUKITEL U7 Plus Android Nougat updating Notice and method
By | 20-January-17

OUKITEL already released FOTA of Android nougat for the hot seller U7 Plus. But there some notice that should pay attention to while updating.

                        Since it's cross-OS update and there are too many things changed in from Android 6.0 to Android 7.0. So for updating to Android Nougat on U7 plus
                        it needs 2 steps: 
                        Step 1, tap "Wireless update" app, check for update to update to the last Android 6.0 version OUKITEL_U7_Plus_V20.0_20161220, download and
                        install it.
                        Step 2, after installed V20.0 version, tap "Wireless update" again to check for update, then you will find a new version OUKITEL_U7_Plus_V
                        0.9_20170112, this is the Android 7.0 software.

                        Before downloading the OUKITEL_U7_Plus_V0.9_20170112, please make sure 2 things.
                        First, insert at least a 16GB TF card, otherwise it can't update successfully. After inserting a 16GB or 32GB or 64GB TF card, set SD card as"Use as
                        portable torage"
                        Second, make sure the battery capacity is above 30%, otherwise it can't start install.
                        Since the new Android nougat software file is too big, it needs extra SD card and more time to update successfully. After you update to Android 7.0,
                        you can remove the TF card. It takes more than 1 hour to install successfully, so please be patient.
                        Do you think it's complicated for updating to Android 7.0 by wireless update? Then there is another simple method. No need to update to V20.0, then
                        V0.9, no need extra TF card, no need long time.
                        Backup your data first, and then refresh by computer. No matter what's your current software version, just connect to computer to flash to
                        Android 7.0 directly. 
                        Download the following files to your computer, there is process to indicates you the steps, tool, and software.
                        Android 7.0 Software(OUKITEL_U7_Plus_V0.9_20170112): 
OUKITEL_U7 plus_V0.9_20170112  .rar                          
                        Install tool: https://mega.nz/#!rMVGFLzB!5LtavmoUaz8N_GzRwJqhD9tWwRDapplAKu7TMmON7F4
                        Process: https://mega.nz/#!vMV2wRLb!ZAU9Mz-6Pi9hyRR9OrR0W9Knuhi_9Hgs21v8H1Gq9lI 

                       New Update in March 2017:

                                  In March, 2017, OUKITEL U7 Plus gets the second update for Android 7.0 OS, it's not released by OTA. The only way to get it is to refresh by computer. 
                                  OUKITEL_U7 plus_V13.9_20170314 (Android 7.0)
                       Install tool: