OUKITEL MIX 2 18:9 VS 16:9, advantages for choosing 18:9 display
By OUKITEL | 06-December-17

Since 2017, 18:9 samrtphones has been loved and has been the new trend. Why smartphones discard the 16:9 aspect design and turn to 18:9 display? What’s the advantages of 18:9 display? See the video to reveal the secret.


The video used OUKITEL latest samrtphone OUKITEL MIX 2 with 18:9 display and another smartphone with nearly same dimensions but with 16:9 aspect design. 18:9 display advantages are shown in the following points.

First, larger display area

With nearly with same length, MIX 2 gets a 5.99 inch larger display area and the other phone only gets 5.5 inch display area. This is obvious when we hold the two smartphones in hand.

Second, narrower frame

When we were watching TV shows, films, photos or playing mobile games on our old smartphones, we always see the black frame on the two sides. But due to the developing 18:9 design, it not only enlarges the display area from top to bottom, but also squeezes the frames on the sides. So it is increasing the screen-to body ratio as well as wider view.

Third, slimmer body to hold in one hand

To be thin is to be beautiful. Most lady would prefer a slender waist than a barrel waist. When 18:9 display appears, it displays a longer body which looks slimmer than 16:9 display. To hold in one hand is what we would think of when speaking of 18:9 smartphones.

Fourth, it helps you beat your opponent in mobile game

Due to the longer display area, in mobile games, it shows a wider view in the scene. You will find your enemy earlier than your competitor. Take the chance to beat him!

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