OUKITEL K8 Will Come in July with 5000mAh Big Battery
By OUKITEL | 26-June-18
OUKITEL just released the 4th generation 10000mAh battery smartphone K7 last week and started delivery from this week. As July is coming, OUKITEL is planning to introduce a new phone by end of July. Traditionally, OUKITEL named their products by the battery capacity, but it seems that this new phone will not follow this tradition. The new will be named as K8 but pack a 5000mAh large battery.
In addition to revealing its announcement time frame and battery capacity, the OUKITEL K8 will feature a 6 inch FHD+ Display with dual-lens rear camera and a fingerprint scanner. Though many kinds of Notch displayed smartphones are emerging, but we still missed the old design with head as it looks formal and clean. The new K8 is such a phone which didn’t feature a notch display, but straight and narrow head and bottom. The whole K8 display is quite long, absolutely the trendy 18:9 aspect ratio design.  
See below video about short view of this K8:
On the back of K8 displays dual cameras, flash light, fingerprint scanner, OUKITEL logo and OUKITEL official site. The back cover is made of poly-carbonated material, but was due to the 1 layer of UV celluloid paint on top other than 3 layers of paint including undercoat, finishing coat, color paint, the back cover gives a texture of metal as well as anti-fingerprint on the back cover.
If you think the 10000mAh series smartphones are too heavy and multi-angle designed, this time OUKITEL combines large battery with common formal smartphone which can be accepted by most people. OUKITEL is devoted to make this K8 a new hot seller among its range, according to current information, its design and battery looks worthwhile to wait for more information.