OUKITEL K6000 Pro can be flashed to Android 7.0 Nougat now
By | 18-May-17
OUKITEL already finished Android 7.0 nougat for the big battery smartphone K6000 Pro. Since it is cross-OS updating and there may appear many bugs which can’t be fixed through software updating, for the moment, OUKITEL don’t release FOTA for the Android 7.0 OS.

Though the software can not be updated to Android 7 through OTA, it can be flashed by computer.

Please backup all your data first, then download the following files to your computer. there are process to indicate you how to flash the software on the tool.  

Android 7.0 Software(OUKITEL_K6000_Pro_FZ_V21_20170513): 
software: https://mega.nz/#!ktgygBSR!CW0kQRcWf9i6naKcReXrb7iMZV1jET1eY536abMa5tk                         
Install tool: https://mega.nz/#!rMVGFLzB!5LtavmoUaz8N_GzRwJqhD9tWwRDapplAKu7TMmON7F4                         

Process: https://mega.nz/#!4oJCBBzY!M1EgXJGyMYOJ9dZmbYeE5Fs2o165FihzfTjxDmjjDjM 

OUKITEL K6000 Pro will have a new version for android 6.0,we will test on the new version about updating to android 7 through FOTA. It takes some time to do this. For the moment, the only way to update to android 7 for K6000 Pro is to flash on computer.