OUKITEL K3 is more than looks like Sony Xperia XZ Premium, fully quick charge in 2hours & 50 minutes
By | 04-September-17
     OUKITEL K3, a smartphone that carries both fashionable element as well as performance
     already started presale last week. At the first Look at this smartphone, it indeed looks similar
     like the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, but if taking a closer check, they are different.
     The two devices both sports a 5.5 inch display with dual curved glossy design on front and
     back, symmetrical design on the side frames, top and bottom. But on the home button,
     OUKITEL K3 puts the fingerprint sensor there, while Sony Xperia XZ premium designed the
     fingerprint sensor on the right side.
     OUKITEL K3 gets dual-lens cameras on the front and back, the rear camera is on top middle,
     while Sony Xperia XZ Premium possesses single camera on the front and back, and the
     camera is on the top left.

     Sony Xperia XZ Premium offers one day whole use by its 3000mAh battery, while OUKITEL
     K3’s 6000mAh battery will support basically 2 days heavy use. According to a research data,
     normal used smartphones is charged at least one time per day. Frequent charging will damage
     the battery life, so charge one time and make it last longer will allow you to use the device
     longer and longer. OUKITEL K3 packs a 9V/2A quick charger, it can fully charge the 6000mAh
     battery in 2 hours and 50 minutes.

     Sony Xperia XZ Premium is selling at $625.99 based on its high-end specs, but on the same
     4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, OUKITEL K3 propose a competitive price, during presale,
     OUKITEL K3 offers $139.99 out of the original $179.99 retail price. Similar design as Sony
     Xperia XZ Premium, but different in some details and price, if you are interested in this
     OUKITEL K3, order it on OUKITEL Authorized Store right now.